• ALL students are required to participate in their grade's concert unless they are absent from school on the day OF the concert or the day AFTER the concert. Since it is impossible to "make-up" a concert, students who are in school both days and are not at the concert will have their music grade lowered. Concert dates are set in the Spring the year before. Be sure to check the school calendar so you can make arrangements (work, transportation, etc.) well in advance.
  • Students who have their grade lowered for not attending a concert will be given the opportunity to do an extra credit assignment. It is the STUDENT'S responsibility to request this assignment.
  • Students should arrive at the school 10-20 minutes before the start of the concert.
  • Students who arrive earlier than 20 minutes before the concert will wait in the cafeteria, seated with their parents, until it is time to meet in the classrooms.
  • It has been tradition for hundreds of years that musicians dress up for performances. Girls are encouraged to wear dresses and boys should wear a shirt with a collar, maybe even a clip-on tie. It gets VERY hot under the stage lights. NO sweaters or sweatshirts. NO shorts. Shoulders must be covered. Be sure to consult the school's dress code so that your child is not turned away due to inappropriate attire.
  • Performers are expected to give their best effort. Those who choose behaviors which detract from the others will be removed from the stage during the concert and will have their music grade lowered.
  • It takes about three months for the students to prepare for a concert. Concerts are a big deal. Performing on stage allows the children an opportunity to build their self-confidence as they discover the benefits of teamwork and cooperation.
K4 Music Class Online

Review music lessons or challenge yourself to learn more than the others in your class (stretch). The SCK4 Music website has about everything we learn in music all in one place. Click HERE to explore what the SCK4 Music website has to offer.

Fourth Grade Recorders

The fourth grade students have received their soprano recorders. The recorder is the ancestor to the ancient flute. Playing the recorder helps the children to develop better eye/hand coordination while learning to read music. Playing along with a group helps to develop better listening skills.

Students are expected to practice playing their recorders at home. Consider practice as music "homework". About 10-15 minutes of practice on most days of the week should be sufficient. Some students may require more or less practice in order to be successful. The more a student practices on his/her own at home, the faster he/she will progress. Since the students work at their own rate, those who practice regularly at home tend not be "left in the dust" by their classmates.

Students who are successful usually practice:

  1. Playing long tones with a good, even sound (no squeaking).
  2. Practice tonguing by making-up rhythm patterns using one pitch.
  3. Reviewing ALL songs previously learned and passed.
  4. Working on learning to play the new assigned song.
  5. Practice reading notes without writing the letter names with them.
  6. Practice playing songs along with the accompaniments online.
  7. Consider an occasional "mini concert" for family members or friends.

At a MINIMUM, each student is REQUIRED to pass ONE song during EVERY grading period. Those who do not pass at least one song during a grading period will have their music grade lowered. Those who pass more than three songs during a grading period will have their music grade raised accordingly. Students who pass their second black belt test will be allowed to borrow and learn to play the school's alto recorder (larger).

The recorders will need periodic washing. DO NOT PUT RECORDERS IN THE DISHWASHER! Instead, hand wash the recorder in the sink using luke-warm water and dish soap. Swish the mouthpiece around in the water. Allow the recorder to air dry. There are NO removable parts on these recorders.

Students are required to bring these three things with them to EVERY music class:

  1. Recorder
  2. Music Folder (with song sheet/s)
  3. Pencil with an Eraser

Students who are prepared for class with all of their materials tend to experience greater success. Those who are not prepared for class will have their music grade lowered. Students who lose or damage their recorders should bring in $5 right away so they can purchase a new one.

Please contact the music teacher immediately if you have any questions or concerns.