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Report Card

Ohio Department of Education



Welcome to springtime! It is very exciting to watch our student-athletes practicing and competing in the nice weather and to see and hear all of our students at recess, class changes, other extra-curricular events, and if I were honest, even fire drills!! I point this out because over a year ago, our school system, like many other districts across the state and nation, lost those opportunities with our schools being forced into remote learning and the mandated closure of extra-curricular events. Fortunately, however, this spring is not like that! I continually express my thanks to our staff members, our students, and our parents for everyone’s continued support of mask-wearing, proper social distancing, and hand sanitization.

Although we must continue to abide by the Ohio Department of Health Public Orders, the Governor’s Orders, and Ohio High School Athletic Association and Huron County Public Health guidelines, I am excited that we are able to have spring athletics, some semblance of a Junior/Senior Prom, Senior Class Trip, other class field trips, and outdoor graduation! It has been very stressful and challenging to interpret these public orders and guidelines in a way that allows for our school to hold events in a compliant manner, but also in a manner that our students and community deserve. I want to also express thanks to our board of education for their support in our decisions, as well as our district leadership team, but mostly to our students and families for your patience and cooperation throughout this unique time. You are part of history!

I’m excited to share that our elementary music teacher, Ms. Weaver, is working on coordinating outdoor music concerts to showcase the talents of her students. Stadium seating will be limited, per ODH orders, but concert dates/times can be found at Mrs. Jackson, Choral Director, and Mr. Gaither, Band Director, are also gearing up for spring concerts as well. We certainly have musical talent in our school district, and we are fortunate for the talents of our music teachers who inspire our students to perform so well!

We are full of talented staff in our district! I’m so proud of each of them! Would you like to join our awesome and talented staff? Aimee Lloyd, our substitute coordinator, is continually seeking substitute teachers and aides, and we also welcome people interested in being a substitute cook, custodian, secretary, or school bus driver. If you are interested, please call Aimee Lloyd at the district office (419-752-3815). Subbing in one of these categories will allow you, too, to experience the great students we have in our district and the awesome work the staff does every day to prepare the students for their future!

In closing, I again am proud to report that I love my job each and every day. Thank you for allowing me to lead our district and to help our students prepare for their future of career readiness. Go Trojans!!

Together we can,

Ben Chaffee, Jr.