Power Team

On Saturday The SC power team competed at the state powerlifting meet in Kenton Ohio. 

Only 7 Members participated and finished 9th out of 22 teams represented.  The top 12 competitor’s place. 

165lbs wt Class:

           Gage Lauderman – finished in 5th place w/ 340lb squat, 225lb Bench, 400lbs deadlift,                   and 965lbs total(sophomore)

225lb wt Class:

            Kyser French – Finished in 4th place w/ 405lb squat; 285lb Bench; 435lbs Deadlift and 

Unlimited Class:

            Hunter Cooper – Finished in 9th place w/ 405lb squat; 225lb Bench; 500 Deadlift and

A pair of Brothers Both Finished as state runner-ups for South Central. 

175lb wt Class:

            Braden Kiesel – Finished in 2nd place w/ 485lb squat; 240lb Bench; 440lb deadlift and 
            1165lbs totals. (sophomore)

210 lb wt Class:

            Mason Kiesel – Finished in 2nd place w/ 515lbs squat; 295lb Bench; 455lb deadlift and

            1265lbs totals. (Senior).